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As BEST ÇELİK KAPI, we have adopted to fulfill our responsibilities to the world, our business partners, customers and employees in accordance with the universal principles. In the consideration of such vision;

We are hardworking, dynamic and progressive
We attach importance to dynamism, innovation and creativity in all our business processes. We make necessary investments for research and development and we prioritize growth and development. We attach importance to the national and spiritual values on the way to the future, with the consciousness of taking lessons and strength from the past. We believe that the key to success is an efficient, disciplined and planned working.

Human resource, our most important capital
We are aware that our employees are our assurance to achieve our goals and the quality of our products and services. Therefore, our primary goal is to employ the best manpower. We believe in the power of creating a peaceful working environment, team spirit, mutual synergy and communication. We provide professional training and development to add value to our employees and we award success. We have a participatory, equitable and democratic management system and an organization that understands the necessity of institutionalization and open to learn and criticism.

We try to make our customers live safer every day.
Our customers are at the core of our operation. We create our products and services in the basis of making our customers’ lives easier and securer and creating a long term relationship. While adding value to our customers by our quality products and services, we build our relationship on reliability and solution partnerships. We anticipate the changing requirements and we immediately try to find a solution with an innovative approach.

We imagine for the community and we work to bring the dreams to life
To add value to the economy of our country is among our priorities. We imagine for the community and we bring the dreams to life for the future. We  have a sense of responsibility for the society and we are trying to add tangible and intangible values to all our shareholders. We value human, we support sharing; and we reject selfishness and greed.

“ Better Safety; Better Living.”

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