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What you must know before buying a steel door

1. You'll make your decision to buy a steel door once or twice in your whole life. That is why you should make a good search and buy a steel door that will make you feel safe for years.

2. Ask the nearest locksmith for advice. They are the experts of steeldoors and they have the knowledge to lead you buying a good door.

3. Buy your steel door from companies that are professional at this sector.  Be sure about the technical support company gives. Buying cheap doors from unreliable workshops might risk your safety.

4. Don't think that all steeldoors are safe,  be sure it is a high quality door.

5. Steeldoors must be mounted with concrete inlay. Concrete is expensive than polyurethane and harder to mount but the safety is high level. Concrete and the steeldoor integrates and that prevents the steel doors case from being flexible.

6. The gap between the door and the case should not be more than 4-5 mm. If the gap is more than that it is easy to open the door.  Don't forget this little detail will provide you higher security.

7. Having a solid lock on a steel door is only meaningful if the lock's base is solid too. For example , if a buildings ground is not solid, it does not matter how durable the higher floors are,  the building has a risk to collapse at a small earthquake. Steel doors base is, locks area. The doors that can't make a good place for locks , even used the best lock, can be opened easily.
Also; against burglary , you need to make the key area inaccessible .There is a badge system in steel doors that protects this area. The system need to be strong enough that won't be removed with a chisel easily. Not every badge system do that, so ask the company about it.

8. Don't forget that a good steel door does not only gives you security, it also adds value,esthetics and prestige to your home. Its a fact that besides security visuality is important too.

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